Kent 7 Litres UV+UF Water Purifier, Maxx with Activated Carbon Pre-filter


Kent 7 Litres UV+UF Water Purifier, Maxx with Activated Carbon Pre-filter

7 L


Key Features
Sediment, Activated Carbon, UF Membrane filters
ABS Food grade transperant non-breakable plastic
UV Fail Alarm, Filter Change Alarm
7 litres storage tank capacity

Brand, Purifying Technology, Storage Tank Capacity
Kent/ RO + MF/ 7 litres
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Product Description

You’re looking at the Kent Maxx, UV + UF water purifier. This 7-litre storage water purifier is suitable for a family of 4 or 5 members, and homes that receive municipal water. This purifier can be wall-mounted or kept on the counter in the kitchen. It’s 7 stage double purification process removes bacteria, viruses, cyst and other impurities from water, while the Activated Carbon pre-filter, removes odour from water making it 100 per cent safe for consumption. This purifier comes with a power on/off mode, a computer-controlled UV fail and filter change alarm that alerts you to replace the filters when due. Its transparent detachable storage tank can be cleaned easily without any professional help. Gently press the plastic lever to dispense a steady flow of water into a glass, container or bottle.

Featuring KENT Maxx UV Water Purifier with detachable storage tank that purifies water through multiple purification process of UV+UF. Designed as wall-mounted, this purifier is the best suited for domestic purposes and tap/municipal water supply.


Multiple Purification Process
In this purifier, multiple purification process happens first by UV, followed by hollow fibre UF membrane to completely filter out dead bacteria, viruses and cysts, thereby providing pure and tasty drinking water, which is suitable for consumption.


UV Water Purifier with Storage Tank
Designed with excellence, KENT Maxx comes with a storage capacity of 7 litres. The detachable storage tank is easy to clean on-site without the need of any technician. The purifier has a transparent cover that makes it visually appealing.


Activated Carbon Pre-filter
The Activated Carbon Pre-filter in the purifier reduces bad taste and odour to provide purified water that is healthy, tasty and suitable for drinking.


Auto On/Off Operation
KENT Maxx comes with fully automatic auto-on/off functionality. The purifier automatically shuts off when the storage tank is full and restarts when the water level drops below the maximum.



Purifying Technology


Storage Tank Capacity

7 litres

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